Longwood Collective is pleased to offer the employees and students of our member institutions commuting peace of mind via our Longwood Collective TMA program.  Whether it's registering for our Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH), learning about the best biking and walking routes or comparing our corporate shuttle programs with the MBTA and Commuter Rail, we are here to help you best-navigate to and through the Longwood neighborhood.  

The first step in unlocking your best work commute is registering in our online platform, GoLongwood.  Once you're tapped in, you can search for a carpool or bike buddy, claim a subsidized ride home, via ERH, in the event of an illness or emergency for yourself or someone you care for or log your monthly active commuting miles! 

Check out our FAQ page for more information and be in touch by phone (617-632-2796) or email (dfennell@longwoodcollective.org) if you have additional questions.  Contact your employer's transportation office for specific commuting information related to your campus.  Keep up to date on Longwood TMA events, commuting tips, traffic alerts and more via the Collective's Instagram

Need a quick snapshot of all our programs?  Check out our Multimodal Longwood flyer!