The Longwood Medical and Academic Area

The LMA is a workforce powerhouse for the city and state.

68,000 workers

27,000 students

2.8 million patients annually

$672 million in state tax revenues annually


  • Spring 2024



    Longwood Collective is excited to announce that Bike Longwood is coming back for a second season! Running from April 11th through September 26th, the Longwood Collective TMA will be offering free, 15-minute bike tune-ups for member institutions, together with Landry’s Bicycles.


    We will be hosting a variety of events throughout the duration of the season including E-bike demonstrations, Coffee with Commuters, and a Bike Week Competition, so stay tuned!





Bike Longwood return graphic
  • Spring 2024



    We are excited to announce the launch of a new tool that makes it easy for commuters to learn about our shuttle system: the LMA Shuttle Interactive Map!

    Created by our Operations team using ArcGIS technology, the Interactive Map comprehensively displays the routes offered by our LMA Shuttle and is a convenient way for commuters to see where bus stops are located from an on-the-ground perspective. Click on any route or stop to see photos, maps, and links for additional information

    Check it out at





interactive shuttle map
  • Spring 2024



    Dorothy Fennell, Program Manager for the Longwood Collective Transportation Management Association (TMA), authored a piece in the Boston Globe published on March 19th about the critical role that TMAs play in our communities. The article highlights how TMAs help educate and inform employers, employees, and commuters about better alternatives to driving to work alone, and the resources that are available to help make that transition.

    Our Longwood Collective TMA is here to support commuters in making the multi-mobility switch to improve public health, reduce emissions, ease traffic congestions, and unlock economic opportunity for all. Read the full article here.


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Globe Article
  • Spring 2024


    New TMA Resource: Is my train running today?

    Longwood commuters, wondering if your commute is going to be impacted by the MBTA closures? In collaboration with a coalition of 8 Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in the Greater Boston area, Longwood Collective TMA has developed a new website to make life simpler for commuters by answering a simple question: is my train running today?

    Stay up to date on current conditions and alternative routes, by visiting










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