As a health care and academic area, the LMA community is committed to health and healthy living. Many people in the area choose bicycling as a convenient way to commute and “work their workout” into their daily schedules. To ensure biking into and around the LMA area is as safe and enjoyable as possible, Longwood Collective has been collaborating for many years with city and state agencies to plan and install bicycle infrastructure in the area and provide added safety features for cyclists. 

The LMA offers many resources to support commuters who bicycle to the area. Please see the links below to optimize your LMA biking experience:

  • Bike Parking Map – shows all public bike parking locations within the LMA. Please check with your employee transportation/commuter services contact for bike parking options specific to your institution.
  • Blue Bikes (formerly Hubway) – The bike-sharing system for Boston and surrounding areas.
  • Longwood Collective TMA Bike Programs
    • CommuteFit - A program that tracks your monthly biking mileage and offers incentive rewards.
    • Emergency Ride Home - If you incorporate biking into your daily commute and participate in the CommuteFit program, you are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Longwood Area Cyclists – A group helping LMA employees find the best route, ask questions, get advice, and more.
  • Boston Bikes – The City of Boston's resource for bicycling encouragement, safety, and fun cycling events throughout the year.
  • Park&Pedal – Now, you can drive your bike to a DCR parking area and park - for FREE - and bike the last few miles to work.
  • MassBike – Explains the bike laws in Massachusetts.
  • Bike MilerMeter – Map your route and see how far you ride!
  • Bikes on the MBTA - Information about bringing your bike with you on public transportation.
  • REI - Bike sales, repairs and classes right in the LMA.