Longwood's institutions recognize that promoting healthy communities includes advancing sustainable practices. Since 2020, Longwood Collective has hosted “Tech Talks,” a specialized forum that brings together our member institutions with subject matter experts to share best practices in the fields of sustainability and multimodal transportation. The goal of these Tech Talks is to help our members accomplish their resiliency goals including reducing carbon emissions, promoting a more sustainable environment for employees, patients, and students, and educating employees and students on how to be more sustainable in their daily lives. 

Below you’ll find recordings of our most recent Tech Talks, featuring topics such as: Building Energy Efficiency, Resilience, Zero Waste Initiatives, and Transportation. Click on the titles below to watch the recordings of each talk. To learn more about a specific topic or presentation, please reach out to area-planning@longwoodcollective.org.  

Most Recent Tech Talk: Net Zero Logistics

Building Energy Efficiency/Funding

Building Envelopes (click here)                                                                                                                                 

  • Brian Neely – Gale Associates, Partner/Sr. Project Mngr.
  • Steve Marshall – Gale Associates, Managing Principal

Green Revolving Funds/GRITs - Sustainable Endowments Institute (click here)                                

  • Mark Orlowski – Sustainable Endowments Institute, Founder & Executive Director                               

Power Purchase Agreements/Virtual PPAs from Owner’s Perspective

Click Here for the video (member password required to view. Please contact Mary Holmes at Longwood Collective.)                                                 

  • Dennis Carlberg – BU, AVP for University Sustainability
  • Joe Higgins – MIT, VP for Campus Services and Stewardship


 BWSC Inundation Model & Facilities Hardening (click here)                                                                                 

  • Charlie Jewell – Boston Water & Sewer Commission, Director of Planning
  • Wendy Gettleman – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, VP of Facilities Management& Real Estate

 Texas Medical Center – Flooding & Lessons Learned (click here)                                                                      

  • Abbey Roberson – Texas Medical Center, VP, Campus Planning
  • Charlie Penland – Walter P Moore, Sr. Principal/Dir. Civil Engineering
  • Mycah Jewell – Thermal Energy Corporation, VP Engineering & Maintenance

 Stormwater Utility & Green Infrastructure (click here)                                                                                   

  • Kate England – City of Boston, Director of Green Infrastructure                                                                                                                                                                   

Zero Waste Initiatives

 Be a Hero, Get to Zero (click here)                                                        

  • Lisa Tornatore – Boston University, Sustainability Director
  • Avery Palardy – BIDMC, Climate & Sustainability Director


Net Zero Logistics (click here)                                                                                    

  • Scott Mullen – A Better City, Director of Transportation Management
  • Harper Mills – Boston Transportation Department, New Mobility Team, Program Manager
  • Brian Zepf – Net Zero Logistics, Director of Sales
  • Dorothy Fennell – Longwood Collective, TMA Manager