Longwood Collective operates a 24/7 parking facility with capacity for 756 cars. Ours staff creates a convenient, safe, and efficient parking experience for patients, visitors, and employees of the LMA. For more information or questions, please contact us here, or call our customer service hotline at (617) 632-2800.

Institutions and businesses in the LMA have parking facilities on or near their buildings. If you are looking for on-site parking information when in the area, we recommend checking the specific websites for your destination and searching the keywords: visitor parking.

To employees of the LMA - keep in mind that we offer many alternate commuting solutions for getting into the LMA. Please check out CommuteWorks for more information.

Rates for the 375 Longwood Garage are as follows:

DurationRates - Effective 10/01/2023
1/2 Hour or Less$10.00
1 Hour or Less$12.00
2 Hours or Less$14.00
3 Hours or Less$16.00
4 Hours or Less$18.00
5 Hours or Less$30.00
6 Hours or Less$34.00
Up to 24 Hours$42.00
Nights & Weekends 
Night Rate - 3:30PM-8:30AM$15.00
Weekend Rate (8:30AM-8:30AM next day)$15.00