Register your Carpool

Monthly Submission Form

Does joining or forming a carpool seem like more of a commitment than you are ready to make at the moment?  No problem; lean on Longwood Collective and we'll help you test out if carpooling is a good option for your commute by PAYING you to share the ride.  Program participation is up to six months and open to employees of Longwood Collective members who are joining existing carpools or starting their own.  Simply share the ride, complete a monthly confirmation form and we'll send you monthly $35 gas cards to use at the pump.  

The first step in unlocking your benefits is registering your carpool.  In addition, make sure to register in our online commuting platform, GoMassCommute where you can search for carpool matches and sign up for our Emergency Ride Home program which provides a free ride from work to home in the event of an illness or emergency for yourself or someone you care for.  Refer to our FAQ for more information on the GoMassCommute network and how to set your preferences to search just within the Longwood neighborhood or from a pool of commuters across Metro Boston who share similar commutes to yours.  

 The fine print:

  • Program participation is one time only per person and gas cards can only be requested by employees of Longwood Collective members
  • Carpools must operate at least twice a week 
  • Program participants do not have to carpool with someone who works in the Longwood district and the carpool driver does not need to park in Longwood 
  • You must register in the Emergency Ride Home program before you can access rides and the service is not available to non Longwood Collective members
  • Gas cards will be distributed after completion of the monthly report
  • Program participants will receive two free parking vouchers per month to the off site Kenmore parking lot; these do expire after 30 days and are limited to use for carpoolers who are not the primary driver who need to drive in the unlikely event your carpool driver is not available on your scheduled carpool day.