Longwood Collective brings institutions together to share best practices and expertise to solve common problems.  Recent topics have included: waste reduction through increasing composting and recycling; laboratory adoption of energy efficient -80 degree freezers; donation of used lab equipment; and, purchasing of products with ACT Labels (a sustainability nutrition label for lab products).  Longwood Collective also coordinates informational ‘Forums’ on timely topics, bringing in experts to speak on multi-disciplinary initiatives such as sustainable purchasing of safer building materials; contracting for healthier, local and organic food options, and the importance of engaged leadership to drive and scale sustainability solutions faster.  Member institutions work to lessen their impacts on the environment as evidenced by the highest concentration of LEED certified buildings in the City; pioneers in creating a tri-gen district energy system; an area wide ‘Longwood Recycles’ program by Longwood Collective including 41 outdoor recycling bins designed to accept cans, glass and plastic bottles; and many other initiatives.

To learn more about sustainability efforts in the LMA please contact Area Planning.