Longwood Collective's Security and Emergency Preparedness personnel work tirelessly to improve the safety and security of the people who work, study, live, and receive care in the LMA.

Emergency preparedness has become increasingly important throughout the world and in the LMA. Longwood Collective facilitates collaboration between LMA institutions on emergency preparedness plans and programs to strengthen area-wide safety and security. We established the LMA Joint Operations Center (JOC), an area-wide command center that is activated to coordinate communications and resources during emergencies. Staffed by LMA emergency management personnel who have incident command system (ICS) training, the JOC streamlines communications between Longwood Collective members and city, state, and federal emergency management agencies. In the event of an emergent security incident or other area-wide hazardous situation, emergency and security staff work with member institutions to assess preparedness and coordinate with city and state officials to address and mitigate disruptions in the area.

Longwood Collective also facilitates LMA-wide emergency preparedness activities and issues LMA Emergency Alerts via this website, email, phone and text messaging. To improve the ability to respond and minimize disruption, emergency preparedness staff members work with member institutions to develop training and improvement programs. These programs are coordinated with city and state efforts and include participating in city and regional emergency exercises, along with first responder agency partners.

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