Message to Longwood Community

From David Sweeney, President and CEO:

"The murder of eight people yesterday in Georgia, six of them Asian American women, was an act so abhorrent that it can be hard to find the words. I am saddened for their families and the Atlanta community. Like many of us, I am shaken by the undercurrent of hate that continues to threaten our country.

"With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in America came an increase in anti-Asian sentiment, reinforcing harmful stereotypes and bringing a rise in attacks against the Asian American community. No person should be living in fear because of their race.

"In Longwood, our community identifies with many things. We are a community of innovators and scientists. A community of teachers and students. A community that cares for millions of people in need each year. Most of all, it is a community that welcomes every person with respect, regardless of whether you are in Longwood to work, learn, or heal.

"Today, we reached out to the Boston Police Department to discuss how we can ensure Longwood is a safe place for Asian Americans. Anyone who experiences or witnesses a hateful attack of any kind should call 911 for emergency response or call 1-800-494-TIPS to anonymously report to the Boston Police. We are also calling a joint meeting of Emergency Preparedness and Security Representatives from MASCO members in response to yesterday’s incident in Georgia, and a representative from the Boston Police Department has been invited to attend. The safety and well-being of the Asian community is a priority for us in Longwood, and we will keep you updated on these efforts.

"Longwood is grounded in our partnerships with each other. As stewards for the area, I want to say to Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders in Longwood that we are all part of one community. We are here for you, and we stand with you."