Healthcare organizations and businesses across Massachusetts have stepped up to help administer COVID-19 vaccines to residents, including institutions right here in Longwood. MASCO is proud to assist Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with their appointment-only vaccine distribution clinic for eligible patients, hosted at Temple Israel of Boston, by providing dedicated parking at 375 Longwood Avenue for people traveling by car to their vaccination appointment.

BIDMC and MASCO have staff on hand in the garage to personally welcome people when they arrive. Many have mobility issues or language barriers, and MASCO has made it a priority to provide the assistance needed to get to their appointment on-time.

To date, MASCO has helped thousands of cars traveling to Longwood for a vaccination appointment with BIDMC. This will increase as appointments are made for the second dose, and as more patients become eligible for the vaccine.

MASCO wants to recognize BIDMC, Temple Israel, and every institution in Longwood that has quickly mobilized to support the state's vaccination plan with such thoughtfulness and care, and we look forward to continuing this collaborative work to keep high-risk patients safe and healthy during the pandemic.


Vaccine Information for BIDMC Patients

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