MASCO Driver Appreciation

MASCO’s Transportation Team held a luncheon on Friday, April 1, honoring the work of all Shuttle Drivers, Mechanics, Cleaners, and Supervisors that provided shuttle services to the LMA throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each staff member was presented with a commemorative pin honoring their service, as well as a letter expressing the gratitude of the entire Longwood community.

MASCO shuttle passengers represent all members of the Longwood Area and are service workers, medical staff, researchers, educators, students, and more who rely on these transportation professionals to get them where they need to go. After getting off a shuttle, the next stop could be the classroom to teach the next generation of leaders, an ICU to treat the sickest patients, a lab developing vaccines, or a busy Emergency Department.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, even as much of the region was shut down during the worst of the pandemic, MASCO’s shuttles kept rolling and moved more than one million people last year.

The Shuttle Drivers, Mechanics, Cleaners, and Supervisors all helped fulfill MASCO’s mission of making the LMA "the most desirable place to work, learn, and heal," and for that, we say: THANK YOU!


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