The Longwood Medical and Academic Area

The LMA is a workforce powerhouse for the city and state.

68,000 workers

27,000 students

2.8 million patients annually

$672 million in state tax revenues annually


  • Winter 2022


    Looking at Our New Annual Report

    Which of the Longwood Collective’s shuttle bus routes have seen the biggest rebound in ridership since the onset of COVID-19? How many millions of messages did the MASCO Services Inc. Call Center expertly manage for physicians and staff at our members' hospitals and healthcare facilities? And how many Prudential Towers’ worth of development are planned or underway in and near the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA)?

    These are just a few of the questions for which you can find answers in our new Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2022. This graphics- and photo-rich report provides a snapshot of the outstanding work done day in and day out by the dedicated staff of the Longwood Collective in service to the world-renowned institutions in the LMA.


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FY22 Annual Report