How will the new bike lanes affect me?

The new Longwood Ave bike lanes will help reduce conflicts and increase visibility among people in the street. On blocks where dedicated space is available, this should help reduce the number of bicycles passing vehicles on the left unexpectedly.

Get to know the new markings on Longwood Ave, below:


Bike Lane

When driving, you should not occupy the bike lane or stop over it, except when turning right where it is safer for bicyclists if you slow down and merge into the lane before turning.

Image Source: NACTO


Buffered Bike Lane

Stay outside the buffered bike lane.

Image Source: NACTO


Shared Lane Marking

If a cyclist is in front of you while you are driving, avoid passing unless there are no cars in the opposite lane or if there is a safe distance (3 feet) between you and the bicyclist.

Image Source: NACTO


Bike Box

You should not stop your vehicle over the "WAIT HERE" line during a red light. Expect bicyclists to fill the box in front of you.

Image Source: NACTO


Shared Bus-Bike Lane 

Avoid driving in this lane at all times.

Image Source: Evening Times


Tips for safely sharing the street with bicycles:

Remember that vehicles are much heavier and bigger than bicycles! 

  1. How to make a right turn: Check to your right and behind you to be sure there are no bicyclists. Gently merge into the bike lane to make a right turn. Do not make abrupt right turns in front of bicyclists.
  2. How to make a left turn: You must yield to oncoming bicyclists, just as you do for other vehicles, when turning left. Left turns often require you to wait for a gap in incoming traffic. Please be sure to keep an eye out for bicycles as well.
  3. Pick-up and drop off: Don’t block the bike lane when dropping off. Look out for bikes before opening the door. If the lane is too narrow, drive further until it is safe to pull over. Do not obstruct traffic.
  4. Keep your distance: Stay as far away from cyclists as you can to prevent collisions. Ideally there should be at least three feet in between you. To make sure you are passing a bicyclist safely, make sure that you move over far enough that you as the driver pass over the adjacent lane line or center line. 

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Massachusetts Driver's Manual