There are dedicated lanes for bicycles along segments of Longwood Avenue. This is an important step forward in the ongoing efforts to improve bike access and safety in the Longwood community. 

Review the new design highlights, safety tips, and resources below. 


Bike lanes added in both directions along Vanderbilt Hall:


Westbound bike lane from Huntington Ave. to Avenue Louis Pasteur:


Eastbound bike lane and bike box by Longwood Center:


Bike lanes in each direction between the Riverway and Nessel Way along Temple Israel:


Be Responsible and Safe: When biking, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

  1. Assume buses and trucks can’t see you at all times.
  2. Avoid weaving between vehicles. Ride in a straight line so that drivers and pedestrians know where you are.
  3. Use lights to make sure you are seen! When riding at night, you must have:
    • a white light on the front of your bike visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet
    • a red light or reflector on the back of your bike or your clothing that are visible from the left and right sides of your bike.
  4. Use care when passing other vehicles:
    • You can keep to the right when passing a motor vehicle moving in the travel lane and you can move to the front of an intersection at stop lights.
    • Never pass a moving tractor trailer on the right.
    • Don’t pass buses on the right. If passing a bus on the left, pay attention and expect it to re-enter the lane.
    • Pass other bicyclists on the left.

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Please Remember: Curbside space on Longwood Ave is in high demand. You should still anticipate that delivery trucks and other vehicles will park temporarily along the curbside to make their deliveries. Please pass any trucks occupying the bike lane with care and be aware of "dooring".

Additional Resources: Check out these resources to learn more about the rules of the road for bicyclists: